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Weekly sessions will be set up in a manner to minimize contact and exposure to other participants.  Here are some of the measures we've taken to help maintain the utmost safety:

  • Each player will have temperatures taken in entering for each session and must be 100.0 or below.
  • Masks will be used at entrance and exit of the facility.
  • Extended time is built in on the front and back ends of each session to limit participants in the gym at a time and to allow for proper cleaning protocols.
  • All players will continue to enter in through the East entrance and exit through the North entrance.
  • PINK ELITE will maintain appropriately spaced groups throughout both Court 1 and Court 2 each day.  
  • Coaches will routinely disinfect all  equipment within our trainings.
  • Players will be placed in skills training groups based on skill level and their selection of contact vs non-contact programming and practice only with their Pod.
  • All Training Groups will remain the same throughout the season including those groups participating during Training and Game On.  
  • Weekly Training sessions have been structured to allow 5 days between Game On scrimmage training sessions and the next contact day.  
  • Each Monday and Tuesday training session each week will be Non-Contact for each athlete to focus  on all individual offensive skills and help to build in additional safety measures.


COVID-19 Protocol

Player Tests Positive

  • Notify PINK ELITE immediately
  • Remain home until 7 days symptom free and negative test


Contact Protocol

If a player has come into contact with a Player or Family Member whom tested Positive then...

  • Notify PINK ELITE immediately
  • Remain home until 14 days symptom free and negative test
  • If family chooses not to test- remain home 14 days until return


Possible Contact- Further than 6 feet from a person testing positive with COVID...

  • Notify PINK ELITE immediately
  • Remain home until 7 days symptom free 


Unaware of Possible Contact

If a player has come in contact with a person who has tested Positive and attended a session but is unaware if they became infected with Covid-19...

  • Notify PINK ELITE of possible exposure 


Contact Tracing

If a situation occurs within PINK ELITE Training where a player has COVID-19 we will alert all participants in their training pod of the situation while maintaining appropriate privacy for the individual.  Each individual on that court will be elevated to our Contact Protocol.


Our goal is to limit the impact if we do have an occurrence within our program.  We appreciate each families support in maintaining an open dialogue of honesty as we navigate through this unprecedented time.  We will continue to do everything on our end to maintain the safety of every member of our PINK ELITE family- players, families, and coaches.