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Current Programs

We offer a variety of programs for both Recreational and Competitive level players.  Check out the list of CURRENT programs we are offering for your baller this season.  We offer a place for EVERY player within our all-inclusive program with paid coaches.


Currently accepting registrations in EACH program... spots will fill up in our in our Recreational programs.


Want more detailed information on programs... Register for "Program Interest" HERE and we'll give you access to the Program Pages on our Website.

Competitive Player Option



We are the only all-inclusive program in our community that offers fundamental skill based instruction AND paid coaches for game play.   



-Practices 2x/week and Fitness Training 1x/week

-Games: dependent on team... typically Sundays beginning mid October



Serious ballers Register Now!!! 

3rd-5th Grade- January 27, 5:00-6:00pm

6th-8th Grade- January 27, 6:30-8:00pm


Anticipated teams:

  • 3-8th Grade Teams with multiple teams per grade level
    • Elite, Power, Force and Air levels

Recreational Program Options

Train & Combat

November 3- January 29

This program is designed for players looking to enhance and expand
their ​already developed basketball skills, but not in our PINK ELITE Club program yet.

Sessions will focus on shooting form, footwork and shot preparation, developing shooting range and accuracy, advanced ballhandling, attacking the basket using ballhandling moves, offensive moves from triple threat, advanced layup skills, and scoring from the block.


Level 1- Kinder- 2nd Grade, 4:30-5:45pm

Level 2-  2nd-4th Grade, 6:00-7:15pm

Level 3- 3rd-5th Grade, 7:35-8:50pm

Level 5- 5th-8th Grade, 5:40-7:10pm

5 on 5 Instructional League

April 9- May 14


Unique league combining fundamental skills training in practice setting and 5 on 5 League game play.  Girls get skill instruction from a coach with 20+ years of coaching experience of varied skill levels from 4 year old basics to HS varsity.  In addition, Coach Herron has Division 1 playing experience and knowledge of progression, breaking down skills to appropriate levels. Most recreational leagues offer volunteer coaches that have varied levels of experience and limited knowledge of developmental abilities to break down skills for youth levels.  Furthermore, an "all girls league" allows young girls to build camaraderie and confidence, as well as see basketball is a game for girls too!


Level 1-3- Fridays

Level 5 and Advanced Skills Camp (Level 1-3)- Tuesdays


Level 1- Kinder-2nd Grade, 5:00-6:15pm

Level 2- 2nd-4th Grade, 6:25-7:40pm

Level 3- 3rd-5th Grade, 7:45-9:00pm, 

Level 5- 5th- 8th Grade, 7:00-8:30pm