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What makes our PINK ELITE Club Team unique?!?!

We are an all-inclusive program combining individual skill work, team philosophies, and game play guided by professional paid coaches.  Practices are just as important as the game experiences.  We are a program focused on the fundamental development of each of our athletes.  Attention is given to all the building blocks of the game- proper shooting form and footwork, offensive moves, advanced ballhandling, fundamentally sound man to man defensive principles, and motion offense principles.  In addition, we integrate fitness training to help build well rounded athletes to build on basketball performance and avoid injury.  Our ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity for each of our athletes to develop and grow in their games to create further opportunities to play at the next level.  

PINK ELITE Club Seasons

Fall/Winter Season- September- January

-Tryouts mid August


Spring Season- March-May

-Tryouts mid February


Teams Available

3rd-8th Grade with multiple teams in each- Elite to Developing skill level

Evolution Program

What is our Evolution Program about?

This program is intended to bridge the gap between in-house recreational leagues and competitive club level basketball.  Practices are in a team setting and focused 100% on skill development to help players prepare for the next level of competitive basketball.  

Eligible players are 3rd-4th graders, or invitation only 2nd graders.


How to make the Evolution Team?

Tryout with our PINK ELITE Club Tryouts.

Interested if your baller is ready for considering this next step in their game?  Reach out to Coach Chelsea to discuss.

PINK ELITE Club Team Standards:


  • Prepare players for Middle School and High School Basketball.
  • Develop fundamentally sound players in shooting mechanics and footwork, offensive moves attacking the basket, and dribbling control.
  • Teach basketball IQ through motion offenses, spacing, and team philosophies.
  • Each player will receive adequate playing opportunities.
  • Positive instructional environment with focus on team camaraderie.
  • Paid Coaches, not volunteer parents, that deeply care and invest in each athlete in the program.

We strive to build a program that teaches the fundamentals of the game and higher level skills while providing ample opportunity to play, play, play!

​Questions about our PINK ELITE Club Program?

Email Coach Herron